tabs&nut was born simply from the desire to create.

Inspired by life, love, wanderlust and an eclectic soundtrack. tabs&nut is for the creative, the romantic and the adventurer within us all.

tabs&nut is a small creative business based in Petersfield, Hampshire founded by me (Jess). tabs&nut is still shiny and new, started in early 2020 soon after the birth of Tabitha, baby no1.  I started this new venture as a way of combining motherhood and my passion for creating. 

The arts has always been my passion. I studied fine art at University and then went on to curate for a small independent gallery before moving on to bigger things as a fine art consultant for a national publishing company and chain of fine art galleries. Fast forward to the present day with a small child and new baby going back to work and having to juggle childcare wasn't what I wanted from life and so tabs&nut was born.

tabs&nut offers a carefully curated portfolio of affordable yet luxury hand painted art prints, wooden signs and personalised artwork. I believe that beautiful and bespoke artwork should be attainable to everyone and hanging in every home. 


I hope you find something that you love.